Privacy and Security

I need to address, very briefly, the need for the new disclosure documents that have been required for the past 3 years.  Everything you, as a client, and my office, as your tax preparer, are governed by my profession’s code of ethical conduct and the IRS’s “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” and the Office of Professional Responsibility’s confidentially standards.  You have an absolute right to privacy in your tax preparation documents and the tax return prepared as a result of your submitted documents.

As a professional, I chose to not offer other “financial” services, such as securities, insurance and lending products known as Rapid Refunds.  Therefore, when you sign the “Consent to Disclose” letter, you are allowing me to discuss your tax information with you, and no one else, unless you provide for disclosure with other parties.  These other parties could be an assistant that helps you in keeping your financial (tax, in this case) affairs in order, a relative (brother; sister; other relative).  Therefore, when a call is received from a lending agency (house; car; personal loans) or a financial planner, I cannot release (disclose) this information without your (and your spouse’s, if married) written and dated authorization.

This document is a protection for you to keep your tax data within your control.  Other tax preparation firms have other “retail outlets” that (previously, without your permission) would forward certain client information to other outlets for their marketing purposes.  i do not do this.  I prepare your tax return(s) and I counsel you, as you deem appropriate, on other financial matters.

I hope this short treatise on the “Consent to Disclose” helps to understand the “why” behind the extra paperwork.